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Jon Wallin

What do you think will force the status quo out the door? Will it be time (retirement)? Or will the landscape shift in such a way that survival really will depend on adapting to a new academic environment. I have a hard time envisioning what will take the place of academia should it fail to adapt. I've been following the work of Jay Rosen quite closely for the past year. He seems to be on a path parallel to your own. In lieu of engaging academic establishment, he has been engaging the establishment of the press. It's easy for me to see how communication via the Internet has shifted journalism away from the "one-to-many" paradigm of informative dissemination. However, I fail to see how Academia will be replaced, at least within the next 50 years. Will it be some educatory amalgamation of Wikipedia and blogging? What is the measuring stick by which quality education will thence be gauged?

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