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I suffered from the same thing: I'd spend 4-5 hours on a post, and then feel backlogged because I wasn't publishing anything. New ideas would get stifled because I didn't let myself spend time with those until the original posting was done.

But then my daughter was born. Now, I'm lucky if I get 30 minutes per day at the computer.(*) This forces me to be concise. I no longer achieve the depth I once had in my blog postings. But this is good, to an extent, because my research is at a point where I'm following lots of trails and forks-in-the-road, and at this early stage I believe it is beneficial for my work to be forced not to dive too deep in a particular direction.

(*) Except now that she's started daycare, I am able to claim more computer time again...!

Jon Ogden

I can relate to this, as sometimes I'll get hung up and spend 6-8 hours on a post, and then still go back through it and weed stuff out before I finally make it public.

I'm trying to streamline the process a bit more, but I still worry that my already fragile ethos will be shot if I don't iron out my arguments carefully. I mean, people are busy and I don't know how patient they'll be to read through drafts that are terribly rough.

But perhaps consistency is more important than perfectly packaged arguments?


Great post! I have about 10 or so drafts awaiting my attention. One of the things I've noticed is that not only does it have to do with time availability, but there's also this timed window of opportunity where the inspiration and meaning attached to my thoughts can be solidified. And if I wait too long its like they expire and the initial idea fizzles. I need to be more diligent as well. (And I need to not let myself feel like FB counts as connecting with the bloggersphere.)

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